A boy in 15, challenged the inertia of ‘waiting for help’ and flexed his arms to make the change happen. Furthermore, the environment of odds didn’t become a hurdle. Consequently, he grew to become an inspiration for his village. Dariyad Singh Bhabor, a man in 25 is a social leader in his village, Kheda. He started coming to Shivganga camps since the age of 15 and has been a constant learner of the process. With ‘Parmarth’ as the core of his values and apt set of acquired skills & knowledge, today Dariyav Bhai is an exemplary product of Shivganga’s social capital generation movement. Dariyav Bhai has led his village in several ‘Halma’-building a 2.4 million capacity pond is one of them. He has been leading several Shivganga’s programs in his village, Jhabua Naturals is the latest addition to it. A team of 15-20 youth has gradually developed in Kheda. These youth themselves recognizes problems in their village and work for reaching a solution through community participation. As a result, the village is building a synergy, inspiring other people to join hands.