‘In Bhil tribe, the women play a key role in running the family. They participate in cultivation activities as well as partner with men for micro-economic activities like running grocery shop, flour-mill etc. In addition to that, women are particularly responsible for health and hygiene and overall well-being of the family. Shivganga is empowering women such that they contribute to making Bhil society financially self-reliant. At the same time, providing them with the basic knowledge to take care of their own and family’s health.

Swacha Gaon-Swastha Parivaar:

The program aimed at developing women leadership in villages. The major reason for the debt for the farmers is attributed to emergency medical expenses. These women leaders take charge of the health and nutrition of the village. 300+ women have been trained under this program.

Family Farming:

Women play a key role in farming as well. Our training for the farmer involves the entire family. The family take it as their collective enterprise to grow chemical-free farm produce and deliver the assured quality.

300+ Women trained, and this can't be possible without your support.