Social Leaders

Dariyav Bhai-The social leader of Kheda village.

A boy in 15, challenged the inertia of ‘waiting for help’ and flexed his arms to make the change happen. Furthermore, the environment of odds didn’t become a hurdle. Consequently, he grew to become an inspiration for his village. Dariyad Singh Bhabor, a man in 25 is a social leader in his village, Kheda. He started…


Vinita Soni- Social Entrepreneurship , TISS Mumbai

She did her pilot venture in Jhabua while doing her M.A in social entrepreneurship from TISS, Mumbai. The stay made her realize the health issues in the community especially with the women. After the graduation, she returned to Jhabua to on women empowerment. She along with women of Jhabua initiate “Swachha Gaon-Swastha Parivar”. The objective…