झाबुआ दर्शन यात्रा: एक अलग ही अनुभूति

कल दिनांक ४ मई को हम झाबुआ नेचुरलस की टीम(नितिन, हर्ष एवं सत्यजीत) के साथ झाबुआ भ्रमण के लिए गए,उसका कुछ शब्दों में अनुभव बताना कठिन है।एक अलग ही अनुभूति हुई।शिवगंगा के तत्वाधान मे झाबुआ में हुऐ विकास कार्य को जाना एवम् समझा। जैविक खेती के लिए किसानो को प्रेरित करना, उनके लिए संसाधन उपलब्ध…


Report by Infosys Foundation

[cmsmasters_row][cmsmasters_column data_width=”1/1″][cmsmasters_text animation_delay=”0″] The Annual CSR Report for 2017-18 published by the Infosys Foundation, shares their experience with Shivganga. The relevant extracts from their report are reproduced below. It is not often that one comes across a social service organization that hesitates to accept funds for fear of disrupting a developmental model based on self-respect.…


Why we must visit rural India-The real surface of problems

Prof. Ram Sateesh was teaching Vernacular architecture, he was trying to make us aware about importance of emphatic experience of the problem, when we design its solution sitting in cabin somewhere at height of 50m. Especially when the problem is of rural area. He cited the example of houses constructed under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, which didn’t…


Report on Jhabua visit

I went to a Rural Immersion Yatra with the thought in mind that “OK this is going to be a rural trip and I will see people living in poverty and their hardships and that is somewhere going to give me motivation and ideas for my education work and some insights into how can we…