Saving Water is

Our Responsibility

Every day an average urban Indian spends 5000 litres of water. The water that we spend directly and the water that has gone in making our life comfortable - clothes, cars, ACs, roads, clothes, houses and so on.


850 L


1000 L

Power Supply

1650 L

Others - Clothing, house, daily use etc.

What are we leaving

For Next Gen?

Can we become

Good Ancestors?

The tribal people of Jhabua has been serving the Mother Earth through their great traditions like Halma.

Reservoirs (Talab)
Contour Trenches
Water Structures

Together, they are conserving

19000 million litres

water annually.

``Let us join the tribal people of Jhabua in serving the mother earth become good ancestors by...saving water for our tomorrow!``


Your Share of Water!

20 Projects, 250 million litres of water to be conserved

(From top to bottom : Village name; estimated capacity; estimated budget)

If you can not save yourself, support those who are saving for you!

5000L - Our water footprint

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