In some remote village of Jhabua, it is not every day that a stranger comes, greeting the villagers in Bhili. In just 2.5 years, ‘Nitin Ji’ has become undoubtedly a reliable friend of farmers and social leaders in Jhabua. He came to Jhabua in 2015, with a college trip. Since then, the betterment of Jhabua has been his soul’s commitment. After completing his graduation (B.Tech, EE), he returned to Jhabua in 2017. He is currently heading Entrepreneurship and Incubation Centre of Shivganga Gurukul which has floated three social entrepreneurial ventures so far. The ventures – Jhabua Naturals, Jhabua Crafts and Jhabua Tourism, aims to aid in the livelihood of people in Jhabua and hence break the vicious cycle of debt & migration. Apart from it, he has been readily involved in several dimensions of Shivganga such as CSR, Communication Design, International fraternity engagements and student internships. Today ‘Dhakad’ is a familiar name in the Gurukul and associated circles in Indore. On any fine day, one may find him, juggling with little kids, planning next crops with farmers or immersed in some phonic conversation. Once when enquired by his juniors about what he aspires to become, he replied: “I want to become a large Banyan”.