Come along with Shivganga

to experience and learn

to experiment and explore

to contribute in the development

of Rural India.



Shivganga welcomes several students every year from different parts of the country. You can visit Jhabua for academic purpose, for an exposure trip, or as an intern. Feel free to communicate with us for specific details or more information regarding the domain of your interests.


Shivganga openheartedly welcomes full-time and part-time volunteers. You can volunteer a specific project or simply join the everyday flow. In addition to that, if you have a brilliant idea for a new project under any of the programs of Shivganga, you’re welcome to experiment. Feel free to reach us for any elaboration.


Shivganga welcomes any person or organisation to partner with us for development of rural India. You can sponsor existing programs as well as launch a new under your sponsorship. Shivganga would be positive to join hands as long as its philosophies are served.


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