What is Halma Abhiyan?

Halma is an ancient tribal tradition of community participation.
Shivganga has been organizing a mass scale Halma at Hathipava hills of Jhabua since 2009. More than 10000 villagers participate in this mega-event of environmental enrichment — the Students and professionals across the country participate in this mesmerizing show of tribal values of Parmarth.
The Shivganga aims to take Halma to the world as it is a potential sustainable solution to many disastrous global problems.


Glimpses of Halma

Let’s come together and work hand-in-hand to
bring prosperity to Mother Earth.
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Activity, not Activism

Shivganga founders Shri Mahesh Sharma (Padm Shri awardee) and Shri Harsh Chouhan started working in Jhabua region in 1998. They realised that the water crisis is the root of many stresses in Jhabua. Joined by many tribal social leaders and youths, they initiated Shivganga Abhiyan in 2005.
In 2008, Shivganga organised a Jal Yatra where tribal people rallied with placards and slogans to save water. After completion of the event, the tribal participants asked Shri Mahesh Ji that how did the rally saved any amount of water. Next year the awareness event took the shape of Shramdaan. The tribal people constructed contour trenches on Hathipava hills of Jhabua. The Shivganga Abhiyan had become a movement, but the exploration continued how to make it a mass movement. Then in one meeting, a tribal social leader suggested that we should give a call for Halma, Halma to quench the thirst of mother earth. And since then Halma started happening on Hathipava hills.


Our Impact

Halma 2020


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Become part of this magnificent tribal movement for enrichment of mother earth! Shivganga invite volunteers from various fields like Graphic Design, Web Development, Photography, Writing, Content Development, Promotion, CSR etc. Let us join our tribal brothers to make Halma 2020 greater than ever!

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Shivganga invites you to witness a magnificent manifestation of tribal tradition – Halma. A gathering of 20 thousand tribal people, which will devote their day in serving mother earth. Be the part of this Parmarth ki Parampra.